2018 Q1 and Q2:

  1. Problem identification: crypto’s adoption is low despite advancing technology, variety of use cases, and plenty of investment in ICOs.

  2. Brainstorming, principles identified, framework definition, identify features list, narrow down MVP wish list.

  3. Search for development partners, review proposals.

2018 Q3:

  1. Signed development contract.

  2. Define architecture, finalize blockchain parameters, and project scope.

  3. Test net, web wallet, and explorer completed.

  4. Android app beta tests and back end finished.

2019 Q1:

  1. Released MVP package: Blockchain, web wallet, explorer, Android wallet app

  2. Release iOS beta on Feb 3

  3. Release full iOS app (Feb ETA)

  4. Pool mining

2019 Q2/Q3:‚Äč

  1. Exchange listing

  2. Friends list

  3. Groups

  4. Multi language support

  5. Scan from downloads

2019 Q3/Q4:

  1. Chat

  2. Group chat

  3. Account badges

  4. Social Notes (multiple users can claim)

2020 and beyond:

  1. Frictionless advertising

  2. Social microtransactions

  3. Instant transactions for easy merchant adoption