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Note Blockchain App

Note Blockchain is designed to gain mass adoption by taking away the hassle and anxiety of owning a cryptocurrency and making it easy to give cryptocurrency to people without a pre-existing wallet.    

What is Note?

Note Blockchain is a cryptocurrency that is designed to be fun and easy to use.  The mobile wallet does not require a complicated and unrecoverable backup such as 24 word phrases or private key.

We have combined social media with a cryptocurrency wallet so users can easily support their favorite creators by sending them a bit of crypto on the posts they like.  We do not take any fees for any of your interactions; it's 100% free to create posts, like, tip, or send crypto directly. 

In addition, you can print out and personalize your Notes the app and give or send to people you meet.  Once received, they can scan the QR code to set up the app at your own convenience.  This removes one of the primary frustrations of trying to give someone a little bit of cryptocurrency to get people started.  

Note also has traditional desktop and browser based cryptocurrency wallet for advanced users.

It looks like this!

Crypto that works for you

Need some crypto?  Just post something for your fans on Note Blockchain, and your tips will be in your wallet in minutes.  

In addition, you can print out Notes in any denomination, set an expiration date, and add your personalized picture.  You can even set a six digit PIN to give it additional security.  

Give the printed Notes to your friends, family, waiter, barber, baby sitter, or anyone else you meet!  They don’t need to have the app or even be online. 


If you get a Note, scan the QR code on the left to install the app on your phone, and use the app to scan the QR code on the right to claim the Notes.  Both iOS and Android are supported.

All transactions are executed and recorded on the Note blockchain. 

Notes not scanned before expiration date will go back to originator’s wallet.

The web wallet

The web wallet works in a similar way to many blockchain cryptocurrency wallets.

Use private key or .json file (adding password is strongly recommended) to access.  

Your private key, .json, and password are not recorded or kept! If these are lost you will lose the wallet forever!